The Market

This is the Open Air Market for Rabbadon.

15 Storefront, 15 Storage, Guard Post. Each storefront has a storage area connected to it. there are 15 such units that can be rented by the day.

1. Bakery: Specialty Meat Pies and Pastries
2. Haberdashery: for all your fancy hat needs
3. Watermelon Vendor
4. Bowyer
5. Leather Goods
6. Tailor
7. Cloth Merchant
8. Spice Trader
9. Produce Vendor
10. Jewelry Vendor
11. Beer & Pretzels tent
12. Games of chance: Darts challenge
13. Wine and Cheese
14. Sword Maker
15. Gnomish Potion Maker and His Wife are Priest of Luvia the Blind Gawd

The market was destroyed during the riot that burned the Hamlet of Rabbidon to the ground.

The Market

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