Aseer Relafyh

A Female Grel Elf Cleric


Female Grel Cleric 6 of Arnuya Clan: Relafyh
Experience:56,799 Needed for 7th:55,001
Honor: 59

Skills Languages
Read/Write:Elf 23% Forcuran (Purge) 50%
Shaving & Grooming Sarlangan(Saardorian){Grunge Elves} 50%
Distraction 26%
Healer/Doctor Suit 47% Proficiencies
First Aid Skill Suit 60% Spear
FA:Cauterize Wounds 57%
FA:Sew Own Wounds 79% Talents
FA:Sew Wounds 50%
Anatomy Basic 54%
Surgery Tools 57%
Healing 20%
Evil Speak 52%
Diplomacy 30%
Leadership,Basic 27%
Religion,Basic 27%
Sing 21%
Torture 34%
Interrogation 25%
Arcane Lore 17%
Skilled Liar 46%
Geology 24%
Riding Land Base “Horse” 23%
Rousing Speech 23%
Ulterior Motive 27%
Apprasing 20%
Attitude Adjustment 76%
Berate 27%
Graceful Entrance/Exit 33%
Language “Undead” 21%
Mingling 20%
Anatomy 20%

Born to Hase and Exaharit Relafyh, Aseer was the oldest of six children. Her father was a very stern man whose job within the tribe was to train the Half-Orc slaves into Men-at-Arms to better serve the Grel. He often brought his work mentality home and had unobtainable expectations of his children. Her mother however was the Treasurer for the local temple of Arnuya. She loved her children and often would preach the teachings of Arnuya and how vengeance is the only way to correct the injustice done to the Grel. Apon reaching of age Aseer was choosen to join the Clergy following her mother’s footsteps, increasing her family’s standings with the Church. Apon her graduation her father gave her a present, stating “Since I can’t expect you to keep yourself alive, you will take him” as he gave his daughter one of his best students, Trog. With Trog in tow Aseer set forth to spread the name and teaching of Arnuya and started to lay the ground work to bring vengeance upon this cruel and spite full world.

Aseer Relafyh

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