Lords of Havoc

Revenge of the Half-Oger Part 2

Just as Darsch and the party are rapping up with the Constable and paying the fines for using combat magic in town Aseer walks in and reports a fire not moments before on of the city guard reports it. Darsch just hands over more gold assuming it was Laurent’s place that is burning.

They speak to the Green Mamba Guild again before packing up to give chase to Laurent.

They chase him across the country side for four days with Krom & his Howling Worgs running him to ground so that the Lords can have their final confrontation with him.

They Laurent and his party with their back to the river as they are trying to cross. The quickly dismiss their horses and prepare to fight. Once again the destructive capabilities of Darsch Schneider are displayed as a barrage of fireballs are loosed leaving the river bank scorched, the river boiling into steam and Laurent barely standing. Shoggoth rectifies that with a cleaving blow from his axes that leaves the troublesome money lender dead at the feet of the Lords of Havoc.

Aseer uses speak with the dead to question Laurent about his actions.
Question 1: What is the contract on Shoggoth’s life?
Answer: I contracted the Laughing Coffin for one death by any means necessary.
Question 2:What do you know about the Lords of Havoc and our activates?
Answer I know your elf is not what she appears to be.
Question 3: Where is all the treasure from your vaults?
Answer Somewhere you can’t reach it.

The party makes it back to Town of Purge. They talk to a representative of the Green Mamba Guild and Darsch got a meeting with Brock. Norkk asks if they can locate Ignus the Archer for him. He was the archer that beat him at the Kings tournament. The thief tells him that Ignus works for Darsch training his archers. Norkk is livid he trails off into a rant about how war hero’s and dragon slayer’s such as himself should not have to put up with the indignities of having people that are on the “List” working for him. It got incoherent after that.

So what will happen next?
Will Ignus meet and ignoble end?
When will the assassins strike next?
This and many other questions still need to be answered.



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