Lords of Havoc

Revenge of the Half-Oger

After the assassination attempt on Shoggoth at dinner and the lack of answers they got from the assassin they captured the Lords decide to head to Purge for answers.

Their first stop is to find Brock the local guild master of the thieves guild. They ask about the money lender and the Laughing Coffin guild. Brock tells they he authorized no contract on Shoggoth and that he was very upset that one of his fences didn’t trust him to handle the situation. He game the Lords cart blanch to deal with the situation (though he should have asked them to be more discrete). The Lords pass a message to Lord Belled to keep his head down.

After covering their bases they head on to Laurent’s place of business.Norkk elects to sneak into vault from the sewer. Darsch decides that the direct route is best and blows the front fa├žade off the building with multiple fireballs, he also manages to waste about half of the guards in the building with the resulting blast. The rest of the party assaults the remaining guards thru the gap. They leave a few alive to surrender but they are just hired muscle and don’t have any useful intelligence. They look thru Laurent’s office and find a clue as to his destination. They find a few things in his vault that he didn’t move before he left town in apparent haste.

They decide to try his residence in town next. They are greeted by his butler who also knows nothing of his current whereabouts. Darsch deems it time to go smooth things over with the constable. They leave Aseer in conversation with the butler.

To be continued….



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