Lords of Havoc

Moedrigus Moundre Level 2 Part 3

From the Journal of Aseer 5/3/12081
From the room of the Marble Muggers there is one exit to the East. Rabbadon leading the party finds a magical trap, after failing to disarm the trap Norkk decided to set it off with his face. A lightning bolt then springs forth and shocked everyone but the skeletons.

Going into the next room we ran into some hooked horrors.

Norkk then whips out his Crossbow of Ouch and Crits a Hook Horror for 12 points of damage. Darsh hits two of them with a fireball, doing 13 damage to both. Shoggoth D.L. Axes hits and deals 16 damage killing the monster. Shoggoth gets hit but the mighty field plate griven to him by his father Black Black holds true and he takes no damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile doing 15 damage. Trog hits for 19 damage and kills the hooked horror. Shoggoth crit fumbles but lucks out & recovers with no ill effects, then turns around and does a crit for 26 damage cleaving the foot from a Hook Horror. Rabbadon throws a metal ball and does 8 damage. Shoggoth hits for 13 damage and kills the horror who’s foot he severed earlier. Shoggoth hits for 11 damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile for 14 and kills the monster.

Thus ends the fight.

Aseer Relafyh heals Darsch for 6 health.

We find a tunnel to the North and move to investigate. Our entry into the room disturbs Indigo ambushers & a fight erupts.

Shoggoth forgot he had to move and gave Norkk a buzz cut. Norkk not distracted by his hair cut hits a indigo for 23 damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile for 22 damage and kills the indigo. Rabbadon swings his mace & hits for 12 damage to the unlucky ambusher. Shoggoth then yelles at Norkk for not reminding him to movin. Trog then crit fumbles he recovers with no ill effects. Then two of the three skeletons hit for 1 damage each. Go team skeleton!!! Trog then hits for 15 damage with his battle axe. Darsch hits for 17 and kills the indigo. Trog hits for 14 damage and kills the last one. Thus is the fate of the Indigo Ambushers sealed.

As we explore the room Norkk finds a secret door on the West wall in the mid point of the room. We also find a 30’ tunnel that exits the top end of the West wall and ends at a locked door. Rabbadon picks the lock and Kicks in the Door.

To be continued…



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