Lords of Havoc

Gummy Fiend Attack

A group of firenewts herd a gummy fiend toward the bride controlled by Darsch Schneider & his new province.

Frolicking in the Woods

The party decides to split up to attend to various items of Business. Darsch decides to stay in Purge to try to arrange a meeting with Brock.

The rest of the Lords of Havoc make a b-line for the Hamlet of Rabbadon to try to resolve Shoggoth’s issue with the Laughing Coffin. On their way back to Rabbadon they pick up a tail in the form of a large black dog. They decide not to take any risks and Norkk scores a clean hit in the animals shoulder leaving it to run away with it’s tail tucked.

Upon arriving in Rabbadon they are greeted by Sir Harvey and an armed escort. Sir Harvey has the misfortune of being the bearer of bad news. They have lost 10 men to something prowling the woods.

The party asks for their best tracker. While they are assembling to head into the words Norkk goes to the local butcher and asks for a suit of “meat armor”. The butcher hesitates but a moment and asks for 20 gold pieces as he busies himself with attaching steaks and other cuts of meat to Norkk’s armor. Norkk pays his 30 gold and asks him to “Make it Spicy!” So the butcher rubs chilies and other spices on the meat.

As Norkk meets up with the party he finds Ignus the Archer chatting with Aseer Relafyh and Shoggoth. Norkk starts to work himself up into a rant but Ignus’s flattery and Shoggoth’s interest in his meat armor distract him. Shoggoth asks for the party to wait while he goes to get his own suit of meat armor.


Revenge of the Half-Oger Part 2

Just as Darsch and the party are rapping up with the Constable and paying the fines for using combat magic in town Aseer walks in and reports a fire not moments before on of the city guard reports it. Darsch just hands over more gold assuming it was Laurent’s place that is burning.

They speak to the Green Mamba Guild again before packing up to give chase to Laurent.

They chase him across the country side for four days with Krom & his Howling Worgs running him to ground so that the Lords can have their final confrontation with him.

They Laurent and his party with their back to the river as they are trying to cross. The quickly dismiss their horses and prepare to fight. Once again the destructive capabilities of Darsch Schneider are displayed as a barrage of fireballs are loosed leaving the river bank scorched, the river boiling into steam and Laurent barely standing. Shoggoth rectifies that with a cleaving blow from his axes that leaves the troublesome money lender dead at the feet of the Lords of Havoc.

Aseer uses speak with the dead to question Laurent about his actions.
Question 1: What is the contract on Shoggoth’s life?
Answer: I contracted the Laughing Coffin for one death by any means necessary.
Question 2:What do you know about the Lords of Havoc and our activates?
Answer I know your elf is not what she appears to be.
Question 3: Where is all the treasure from your vaults?
Answer Somewhere you can’t reach it.

The party makes it back to Town of Purge. They talk to a representative of the Green Mamba Guild and Darsch got a meeting with Brock. Norkk asks if they can locate Ignus the Archer for him. He was the archer that beat him at the Kings tournament. The thief tells him that Ignus works for Darsch training his archers. Norkk is livid he trails off into a rant about how war hero’s and dragon slayer’s such as himself should not have to put up with the indignities of having people that are on the “List” working for him. It got incoherent after that.

So what will happen next?
Will Ignus meet and ignoble end?
When will the assassins strike next?
This and many other questions still need to be answered.

Revenge of the Half-Oger

After the assassination attempt on Shoggoth at dinner and the lack of answers they got from the assassin they captured the Lords decide to head to Purge for answers.

Their first stop is to find Brock the local guild master of the thieves guild. They ask about the money lender and the Laughing Coffin guild. Brock tells they he authorized no contract on Shoggoth and that he was very upset that one of his fences didn’t trust him to handle the situation. He game the Lords cart blanch to deal with the situation (though he should have asked them to be more discrete). The Lords pass a message to Lord Belled to keep his head down.

After covering their bases they head on to Laurent’s place of business.Norkk elects to sneak into vault from the sewer. Darsch decides that the direct route is best and blows the front fa├žade off the building with multiple fireballs, he also manages to waste about half of the guards in the building with the resulting blast. The rest of the party assaults the remaining guards thru the gap. They leave a few alive to surrender but they are just hired muscle and don’t have any useful intelligence. They look thru Laurent’s office and find a clue as to his destination. They find a few things in his vault that he didn’t move before he left town in apparent haste.

They decide to try his residence in town next. They are greeted by his butler who also knows nothing of his current whereabouts. Darsch deems it time to go smooth things over with the constable. They leave Aseer in conversation with the butler.

To be continued….

A Dinner interupted

Six months have passed since the Lords did battle with Frost Scale and defeated him. They took some time to consolidate their holdings and divide the spoils. For a time the party scattered to the wind to settle personal matters before they got back to the business of adventuring.

This particular evening Aseer, Darsch & Shoggoth as well as Aseer’s ever present bodyguard Trog are enjoying a meal at the White Dragon Tavern. The White Dragon is the newest and at this time the only restaurant in the town that has grown up around the Fortress of Havoc. As the keep and town have grown so quickly the town does not even have a name yet.

The proprietor came from Purge to open the Tavern out side of the keep of the favored sons of Purge. He is treating the Lords to an extravagant meal in the hopes of impressing his heroes. He even has the roast pheasant stuffed with garlic & cloves that Aseer requests. Shoggoth works his way thru a cow, a pig, a turkey, a few chickens and more wine that is probably healthy to consume.

As the party discuses business and the state of Havoc loans. Talk turns to Sir Harvey and his campaign to discredit and disrupt the actives of Laurent The Money Changer.

Aseer and Shoggoth notice something amiss with the wait staff. As Aseer requests one of the waiters for dessert which greatly flusters the owner and head cook; things start to go awry. Aseer leads the waiter to the back and while trying to disrobe him casts hold person, the first spell he resists. The second he does not.

Once Aseer leaves the room and Trog sits down to start enjoying his meal two cross bow bolts find their marks in the flesh of Darsch & Shoggoth. Both manage to resist the effects of the poison lacing the bolts. A fight ensues with the other two waiters as the fourth runs screaming in terror. Trog races to check on Aseer and Shoggoth and Darsch fell one of the would be assassins. Aseer has Trog hog tie the one she captured. The third assassin manages to escape the party.

The captured assassin uses a poison capsule to commit suicide. How ever Aseer is able to bring him back so that he can be questioned vigorously in a dank dungeon cell.

After they learn nothing from him they allow him to die and use speak with the dead to question him and the other assassin. Both are hung from the bridge to discourage future attacks.

The find out that Laurent finance the new Tavern and apparently hired assassins from the Laughing Coffin guild. The Laughing Coffin’s are based out of Fangarie. The tavern owner had no idea that he was party to the assassination plot.

It appears that they have finally made the money lender desperate enough to move against them. Only time will tell how the war will end.

Battling Frost Scale

Just after Darsch is sent back to Purge by the cursed scroll he finds himself standing next to Shoggoth. Darsch tells Shoggoth to saddle up they are going to meet the rest of the party to slay a dragon. They head over to Bradley’s Wizardly Wares so that they can send messages to their compatriots. The first message goes to Norkk to inform him that he is in charge until they catch up and that they should make camp near the dragons lair.

The second message goes to Rabbadon in the form of a sending spell it states simple that “We are watching you.” As Rabbadon feels the magic of the spell borrowing into his ear he slips into a fit of rage targeted at the Dwarven scout they rescued from the frost giants.

A fight ensues between Rabbadon and Norkk who is trying to calm Rabbadon down. After the first time Rabbadon connects with his mace The Exquisite Samurai Tailor steps in to preserve the life of the scout. Since the last command of her lord Darsch Schneider was that he was to live. A melee commences that culminates in the death of the Samurai Tailor and the scout escaping. Rabbadon’s blood lust sated for the moment he stalks off to make camp.

The next time that Krom & the Howling Worgs check in they find their General deceased. They make camp and place The Exquisite Samurai Tailor under an Honor Guard they allow no one near her. Not even the cleric.

Aseer entertains herself studying the corpses of the Frost Giants. Everyone else cautiously awaits the arrival of Darsch and Shoggoth.

Once Darsch and Shoggoth arrive to find camp in a state of high tensions. The Howling Worgs have established an armed camp and are letting no one approach. They seem ready to find any excuse to murder Rabbadon. After everyone calms down and the body of The Exquisite Samurai Tailor is sent to get resurrected they move the party on to fight Frost Scale.

Finally arriving at their original destination. The Lords of Havoc are ready to get down to business. The party rogues spot an alarm spell guarding the entrance to the dragons lair. Norkk uses his ring of stone passage he is able to scout out the lair and finds some secret tunnels that Frost Scale no longer fits into. Using that information they stage their assault. Every thing goes according to plan until Darsch loses the first barrage of spells. As they connect the Frost Scale opens his great reptilian eyes and they glint with a animal fury. Frost Scale growls and the entire area fills with thick roiling fog. Shoggoth charges in and ends up nose to nose with the great beast so he gouges him in the eyes. The roars of pain allow the party to zero in on Frost Scale in the fog. A titanic battle ensues with spells, weapons, claws and dragon breath flying. It would have been a sight to see except that the fog caused it to be an indirectly lite and eerily quite altercation. At the end of the encounter Frost Scale lay vanquished and the Lord of Havoc are once more victorious.

There are several questions put to Darsch Schneider as to his motives for helping another Wizard acquire a dragon corpse. Though any further questions and protests die on their lips as the fog finally parts to revel the treasure hoard in all it scintillating glory.

Frost Scales Treasure Hoard

24,268 Platinum Pieces

10 Very Small Perfect Jet
10 Small Flawed Turquoise
10 Very Large Near-perfect Lapis Lazuli
10 Huge Sardonyx with minor inclusions
10 Very Large Sapphire
10 Flawed Star Rose Quartz
10 Small Near-perfect Tiger Eye
10 Very Small Star Rose Quartz
10 Small Jet
10 Small Hematite
4 Opal

4 Potions

Bolt Case
Dwarven Hand Axe
Great Helm
Leather Armor

4 Scrolls

Gentleman’s Cane Made of maple w/ a Brass gauntlet in a closed fist noble heraldry
Wool tapestry of a windmill
Cherry wood table with six chairs, worn, from a noble house
Silver Tea Set
4’ by 4’ Picture of ducks flying over a river Illusionary Animated with sound
Wooden Comb set with pearls
Ceramic Jars set of five blue
Gold and Ruby Ring
Silver Cat Shaped Brooch w/ Emerald Eyes
Crystal Decanter & 4 Snifters
Copper Ewer depicting Stags
Statue of a dog carved from Jade 3’ tall
6 person dinner set fine china white w/ blue floral pattern
6 person silver wear set made of gold for a noble table
6 Crystal Goblets
20 Dwarven Iron Drinking Tankards
Ebony and Ivory Cigar box w/ 15 halfling Cognac cigars
6 bottles Red Wine 500 years Old

Seeking Frost Scale

The Lords of Havoc at the request of Darsch Schneider have taken on the task of Slaying a very old White Dragon named Frost Scale. He resides in the mountains West of Purge. At the base of the mountain there is a Clan of Dwarves and their fortified strong hold.

There is also a clan of Frost Giants that live on the middle slopes of the mountain. They are constantly raiding and fighting with the Dwarves. They don’t bother Frost Scale much mostly because to draw his ire would be most fatal for the entire clan.

The party paid a visit to the Dwarves and negotiated a trade agreement. They then set out to find Frost Scales lair. On the way an encounter with frost giants occurs. Norkk tries to negotiate as they have a dwarf from the mountain clan all trussed up & lying on the ground between them. The giants are engaging in a rather loud argument. Norkk offers them a drink. In ends up being a vial of giant scorpion venom. The male giant of the pair drinks it with no ill effects. The giants are however offended by the poison and attack. The ensuing battle leaves the giants defeated and the Lords of Havoc as rescuers of the Dwarven scout.

As they are working thru the loot they discover a scroll, Darsch Schneider reads the scroll to identify it and disappear with a slight popping sound.

Vampire Orcs?
Shadow of the Nine Fingers
From the Journal of Aseer 6/26/12081

Upon our triumphant return to Purge Rabbadon started to act in an even more peculiar manner than normal. He started muttering of evil tidings and asked all manner of strange questions regarding his appearance in town. He has been looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes and has shown not the slightest interest in tiny shoes. A most strange turn of events given his normally violent and brutish nature. He starts and investigation that draws in the party and leads us to the Brotherhood of the Nine Fingers. It seems most if not all of them had been hanging around in town. Almost as if they had been awaiting our return. O well it matters not I leave to find my clan and continue my training. I am sure that matter will have sorted itself out by the time I return.

On the morning of the second day of my travels a messenger from the city arrives in my camp with a letter for me. I open the letter only to find myself in the Belled Race Track arena. We witnessed a gladiatorial fight here the day before. Some Jim the Giant. Everyone seemed to think he was Brother of the Nine Fingers. Rabbadon is in the middle of the arena facing off against much to all of our surprise another Rabbadon in fine Black scale armor. Maybe he wasn’t as crazy as he appeared the past few days.

A duel has been declared and accepted. It is only later after the dust settles and both Rabbadon’s as well as Darsch Schneider that Nega-Rabbadon a clone. The clone was created when Rabbadon lost a finger to a trap in the mines. An evil and insane wizard created the trap and put the NIne Fingers together with Nega-Rabbadon as their leader to create chaos and amuse himself. He might have made an interesting ally if he hadn’t misdirected his perfidy against us. Now he will have to die.

At least that solves the mystery of the Nine Fingers.

Final Level in the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre
From the Journal of Aseer 6/23/12081

After defeating the Drow in the statue room, we find our selves with one last door in the main room. Rabbadon then opens the door cautiously and finds a stair case leading to a lower story. The first room was large and filled with mushroom trees. The north passage lead down a hall way with a 2 headed Troll guarding a stone bridge. Rabbadon then starts yelling & threatening the troll, causing the troll to pause and have second thoughts. We then find the undead dwarf can speak his language and starts negotiation with the Troll. We come to terms with him that we give him the heard he is guarding and may stay with the bridge. As long as he serves when called upon.

After negations were concluded we went down the second door. This lead to a room with a lava stream in the corner and a chest in the south eastern corner. Rabbadon then walks up to open the chest. Then a large Magma elemental walks out of the lava and seems mighty protective of that chest. Norkk then hits the Elemental with a crossbow bolt. Darsch then attacks with a fireball doing nothing, then casts fist thunder causing him great pain. Rabidon then hits the Elemental though it seemed to annoy it. Shaggoth then crits the Elemental and killing it out right. Rabbdaon then unlocks the chest finding a sword, a brooch, and a bunch of coins. We finally uncovered everything in this mine and now must see to our holdings.

We make our way back to the Town of Purge to sell our swag, train and start on the building process of our holdings.

Still there are many loose threads to attend to; what of the Nine Fingers & our soldiers? For now I think I will content myself with a bath.


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