Clan Relafyh

Home Land: Meletian Kingdom
Patriarch: Hase Matriarch: Exaharit
Social Class: Upper Middle Class Family Honor: Great Honor
Alignment: Chaotic/Evil Clan Honor: 85

Aseer First born. Daughter

Lhainder : Second born. Lhainder was the first boy to be born to Hase and Exaharit Relafyh. He grew up with a close relationship with his older sister Aseer. Lhaindir was killed by a Gnome during an attack on the Grel community. Deceased

Lorir: Third born. Born during a time when most new borns perished. She survived this trying time which made her stronger than most woman. She is currently training to be a Raider within the Grel community. Age 114

Nirar: Fourth born. Nirar would be Hase’s and Exaharit’s last daughter. However she was born with a beauty that sinks the hearts of men. She is currently being groomed for an arranged marriage to an affluent member of another Grel raiding community to strengthen their ties. Age 111

Axrir: Fifth born. Born the second son of Hase, this had a terrible affect for him towards his father as he cast him aside. This created a rift between him and his father. During a Gnome attack on the community, he was saved by his sister Aseer before she was killed by a Gnome. Since then he has been devoted to her and her causes. He is currently training to be a Cleric. Age 105

Hosve: Sixth born. Hosve was born the third male and final child to be born to Hase and Exaharit. During a Gnome Attack on the community, he was cornered into a tent with his brothers Lhainder and Axrir. Lhainder was cut down savagely in front of him by a Gnome. Before the Gnome could finish the deed and kill him and Axrir, Aseer burst through the tent and stabbed the Gnome through the back of his skull with her spear. Since that devastating day he has been devoted to his sister and has devoted his life to protecting his sister. He is currently training to become a warrior of Grel. Age 100

Clan Contacts 5


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