Meletian Kingdom

The Meletian Kingdom is the domain of the proud, Horse-warriors of the Meleti Plains. It is a beautiful land of wide open grasslands occasionally broken by forest and with tall rugged mountains skirting the western and southwestern borders These mountains lie in what was once the small rival kingdom of Kur’Grad, absorbed centuries ago into the kingdom during its brief rule under the tyrannical king, Morsaad. However, most of the Kingdom’s other gains during that short-lived period of expansion have long since been lost. Local myth suggests that the tribes of Meleti originally migrated to the area from the region of Rantar —bringing horses with them and introducing the animals to the Eder Soult for the first time.

Most historians agree there is some truth to the legend but many feel the modern Meleti actually represent a broad mix of several different nomadic groups who slowly merged into one culture over the course of many centuries. Supporters of this theory point to the many similarities with such groups as the Haagans, the ancient Forcurans and even the Hazaari. They argue there are too many similarities to dismiss as mere coincidence. One thing for certain, the horse has had a dramatic influence on Meleti culture.

Virtually every aspect of their lives revolves around the animals. Meleti horses are sturdy animals with shaggy manes (usually kept braided by their riders), broad backs and incredible stamina. Virtually every activity in this realm is done from horseback if possible. Meleti warriors can be seen sitting side saddle eating meals, sewing ripped stitches on their leggings and even warlords discussing tribal matters with their councils are commonly portrayed in folk art portraying day-to-day life on the plains. The importance of the horse to Meletian culture can be seen even in the rituals of life, love and death. When a son is born to a Meletian warrior, for example, it is customary for the mother and child to be mounted on a horse and led past the father in a circle around the couple’s lodge to invoke the blessings of the gawds. When a warrior dies his horse is put down and buried with him. And when a Meletian seeks a woman’s hand in marriage he presents a pair of horses to the woman’s father.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Meleti culture to outsiders is the fact that women often fight side-by-side with the men and are generally treated as equals in the tribe. In fact, in some tribes in lower Meletia it is customary for women to serve with the cavalry for several seasons before taking a husband.

Type: Monarchy
Current Leader: King Ro’nann IX
Capital: Melet

Languages Meletian, Forcuran, Hagaan

Meletian Royal Court

Meletian Kingdom

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