This is the Capital City of the Meletian Kingdom. Here resides King Ro’nann IX head of the Monarchy as well as his court. The major religions are Zelaur, Thor, Par’Kryus, Raven and there is a Church of Thrain to administer spell copy writes.

Tournament of Champions is held here every year starting with the Joust on Capital day and including Archery contests, foot lists, a grand melee and horse races. As well as a great many vendors & stalls.

Places of Interest Notable Persons
Temple of Odin Meletian Royal Court
Temple of Thor Meletian Royal Guard
Church of Thrain
Meletian Pony Express
University of Melet
Torchbearer’s Union

Knightly Orders
The Brethren
The Knights of Meleti
The Elder Riders


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