Great mystery surrounds the land of the Maur-Haud’Feem or what is commonly known as the “Elvenwood.” The inhabitants of this mysterious, heavily forested domain seldom interact with other races unless they are forced to defend their borders or interests. At least three times in recorded history, the Maur-Haud have allied themselves with men and dwarves to fight by their side (twice against the “Orkin menace” and once during the Raagean Wars).

Maur-Haud’Feem is an ancient kingdom. The elves witnessed the first arrival of men to the Eder Soult. They also witnessed the war and chaos men brought with them as the surrounding lands were cleared of their timber and huge gray cities spilling over with death and disease began to sprawl across the landscape. The Maur-Haud withdrew from the world of men until they eventually found themselves hemmed in and forced to mark out their territory by force of arms.

Despite their insistance on distancing themselves from the outside world the Maur-Haud are keenly interested in what is going on about them, primarily because it is in their own best interests. For this reason small groups of elves are routinely sent abroad by the Elven Council on what can only be described as missions of intelligence gathering. Such parties usually travel in twos or threes for weeks or months at a time to gather information and serve as the eyes and ears of the council. During times of crisis such groups are sent on diplomatic missions to the civilized nations to represent Maur-Haudi interest.

The elves maintain their distance from both human and demi-human settlements. They reluctantly tolerate the handful of human settlements withing their borders. Passage of small non-military groups through the elven realms is permited as long as such travelers stick to the established trails and make good speed. Such travelers, however, are always under the watchful eye of elven patrols. Under no circumstances will the elves of Maur’Haud’Feem allow an Orc (or even a half-orc) to enter their realm.

Because they are elusive, the Maur-Haud have become the subject of strange tales and rumors among the humans. Hunters brave enough to venture into the dark and forbidding forest of the region report feeling as if they were being watched by millions of eyes. When turning to catch a glimpse of their stalkers, they say they saw only fleeting shadows and the rustlings of leaves. Others say the elves are not real at all, but simply phantoms, angels, or even nefarians. Whatever the case, the humans living in the kingdom are extremely fearful of the elves, believing them to possess strange magicks. Therefore, in all human settlements int he Maur-Haud, the use of magic is illegal.

A few trusted humans have had dealings with the Maur-Haud elves, and one or two say they have had the pleasure of meeting with the hauntingly beautiful Queen Elerinna Sayanna, ruler of all the Maur-Haud. they say that this beautiful queen has skin as “smooth and white as precious alabaster,” hair made from “pure spun gold” and intense blue eyes that can “peer straight through to your soul.” Some, elves and humans alike, say she is a decendent of the gawd Solonor Thelandira himself. She has never claimed this herself. Only the elves know where Queen Sayanna’s palace is located. It is said to be a structure of pure crystal standing tall in the fabled capital city known as Ashelder by outsiders — so named because a grove of ancient and immense ash trees surrounds it. The elves actually cal their capital Rez’Innut, meaning “Place of Hiding.” No non-elf has ever laid eyes on its legendary towers, or set foot inside its sparkling gates. Each year, however, as the story goes, all the elves from across the kingdom meet in this capital for a sacred festival.

Several unsavory types have made their homes in the forests, against the wishes of the elves. Thieves tend to be drawn to the thick foliage for concealment. Human timber cutters, most commonly from Barcenora, sometimes come to harvest trees. There is disagreement concerning the border between the Maur’Haud’Feem and Barcenora. The deep forest is also home to quite a few dangerous creatures, especially werewolves. These creatures are a constant threat to the mostly peaceful Maur-Haudi elves, and anyone else who ventures into the forest.

Several elven temples and shrines are located throughout the territory, but few non-elves know of their locations. The elves of the region are known not only for their isolationist tendencies, but also for the exquisite bows and arrows they construct. The singing of the Maur-Haudi elves is so unbelievably beautiful that it is said no mortal can resist its charms.

Type: Monarchy
Current Leader: Queen Elerinna Sayanna
Capital: Rez’Innut

Languages: Elven, Forcuran


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