Fangaerian City States

The City States are a power to be reckoned with and they have been a strong stabilizing influence on the Eder Soult for the last five centuries. Masters of both the art of military persuasion and diplomacy,they have often been the only factor keeping evil in check. Alliances forged by the Council of Seven have stemmed the tide of such invaders as the Southern Orc League, the Daurkhaud Kingdom and most recently, Goremunya. They have also gone to great lengths to parley the peace among its circle of allies. (Especially the Dwarves of Praxter and the Gnome Protectorates who have a history of feuding). It is for this reason the City States’ allies often look to them for leadership during times of trouble.

Type: Confederacy
Current Leader: Traetian Sagavaar
Capital: Fangaerie

Languages Haagan, Forcuran

Laughing Coffin

Fangaerian City States

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