Dwarven Clans of Praxter

The story of the Dwarven Clans reaches back far into the past to a time when the line between myth and history is often blurred. In those days, so the story goes, the scattered clans of dwarven kind were united under the throne of King Gunda’Syn the Long of Beard. The new kingdom (Kaardra’mune) spanned across all the mountains of the southern Eder Soult where no dwarf drew a breath who didn’t proudly call him king. Gunda’Syn was know as “The Forger of Kingdoms” and the “Anvil of Unity” to his people. Loved by his subjects, he was a warrior-king who had a reputation for hard work. A poplular dwarven ditty of the day went, “Under Gunda’Syn’s crown is a sweaty brow stained with the lamp-soot of an honest miner!” Such was his legacy.

Gunda’Syn took his people to war against the Orcs. Every orc cave and slime crawl in the realm had been purged of the foul creatures by the twentieth year of his reign. He then busied himself with pushing the Maur-Haud’Feem back north of the Tol-Jest River. When that was done he made peace with the Gnome Titans (the only bad thing the dwarves have ever had to say about the old king) and gave them concessions in the forests of the Fargruss River Valley to end a feud between the two races that had been unfolding for centuries.

Peace, something the Dwarves were unused to (if not uncomfortable with) finally came under the mountain. Dwarves put away their swords and the accouterments of war, picked up shovel and pick and threw themselves into mining the NetherDeep. Although the anvils of war would ring numerous times during Gunda’Syn’s reign, he is remembered foremost among the dwarves for being a bringer of peace.

Finally, after centuries of rule, the dwarven furies visited the bed chamber of Gunda’Syn and the old king drew his last breathe. Nine hundred years he had ruled the dwarves and a good many had figured on him ruling that many more. For death is never expected or welcomed among the dwarves. The more so now, for Gunda’Syn was thought to be immortal, his life span had been so far beyond what is usual.

The kings death created a dilemma for the dwarves. For he had died before naming his rightful heir to the throne. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem for the dwarves — the oldest son by birth right being the next in line. But in Gunda’Syn’s case he had three sons. (Praxter, Kaldazor and Vespar) born of the same womb on the very same day. Twins are considered a bad omen in dwarven society. Triplets?? A harbinger of certain doom. IN the confusion and panic that followed their births, the mid-wife lost track of the birth order. Gunda’Syn didn’t hold to the old superstistions — but he was hard pressed to figure out a solution to his problem. So he did what any good dwarf would do — he put it off until the proper thing to do made itself known.

As the years passed the problem didn’t seem quite so pressing and so the question of who was to be the next rightful heir went unanswered. With Gunda’Syn dead each son immediately made his claim on the throne and the kingdom was split into three camps as dwarves rallied their support behind their favorite. The Dwarven Council made a feeble attempt to intervene in hopes of averting war but it was too late.

The “War of the Three Brothers” raged for 11 years and ultimately shattered what Gunda’Syn had so carefully forged. In the end the brothers agreed to split the kingdom into three parts. Praxter took the rich Kroagin Mountains to the west (now known as the *Praxter Mountains). Vespar took the mountains to the southwest (Vespar Mountains) and Kaldazaor took the mountains to the southeast (Kaldazor Mountians).

The Dwarven Clans of Kaldazar would be defeated by the Raagean Empire in -742 TR (with the help of their orkin auxilaries) and scattered. The Dwarven Clans of Vespar met the same fate at the hands of the Sarlangans (Grel) in -327 TR. the surviving clans of both kingdoms have been reduced to independent dwarven city states with largely ineffectual armies (with some notable exceptions) who have taken to hiding in their great fortifications under the mountains.

Of the three kings, only Praxter would manage to keep his holdings intact. The Dwarven Clans of Praxter alone bear the honor of House Gunda’Syn. Praxter and his descendants have defended his kingdom agains the three major onslaughts fromt he Orcs, the Raagean Empire, and Trolls. Seeing the fate of his brothers’ kingdoms who fought and died alone, Praxter eventually chose to break with the dwarven tradition of maintaining isolation from the other races and has worked hard to form alliances with men and elves. It was an unpopular direction for the king to take among his subjects who saw his policy as one of weakness. the Praxter line was vindicated however when the Gnome Titans attacked the Dwarves of Praxter without warning (The Great Gnome Uprising). Also called “The Gnome Titan Betrayal” in -08 TR. True to their word, the Fangaerian City States entered the war as the dwarves’ allies and helped to defeat the gnomish armies.

Today the Kingdom is strong and prosperous. the current ruler, Sergibold Praxter has busied his people with bolstering the fortified mountain holds being convinced it’s only a matter of time before Ahk Tang and his Orkin league attempt to sweep across the Fargruss River again. He’s not convinced his kingdom can withstand another war of the likes of “The Great Orkin Reprisal” of 152 TR in which his armies were bled white.

Type: Monarchy
Current Leader: Sergibold Praxter, Great King of the Clans
Capital: Morgor
Languages: Kuraat (dwarven), Forcuran, Gnardain (gnomish), Halfling, Gnomeling, Goblin

Dwarven Clans of Praxter

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