Clan Black

Home Land: Meletian Kingdom
Patriarch: Black Black Matriarch: The Black Sorceress
Social Class: Middle Middle Class Family Honor: Honorable
Alignment: Lawful/Evil Clan Honor: 58

Marr Shoggoth’s oldest sister.

Tagar second oldest sister and some would say their mother’s favorite she took after her mother and studied magic. She also did not like Shoggoth and often used him as a target of opportunity for testing out new spells.

Kunexz the third of four sisters.

Trillian the fourth born of Shoggoth’s four older sisters.

Shoggoth the first born male of clan black. He was trained in the arts of war by his father and inherited many of his grudges as well as his black plate armor and two-handed sword.

Grosh second born male and Shoggoth’s younger brother.

Tagar last born of the surviving Clan Black’s children. He also idolized his oldest brother Shoggoth and spent much of his child hood following Shoggoth around and training with him in the art of hacking things.


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