Abosoria was once the home of three proud kingdoms; Taughal, Erefar, and Ber Tan. The “Three Bandit Kingdoms” as they came to be known were little more than a group of robber barons who fought for centuries among one another for control of the Great Soult River and its lucrative flow of trade. When Raagean imperial legions moved into the are the kingdoms were subsequently conquered one by one, stripped of their bandit kings and placed under the rule of a single provincial governor.

Because it was one of the Raagean Empire’s earliest conquests int eh Eder Soult and a major conduit of trade in the region, the new conquest received the Empire’s full attention. The legions and engineers were quickly put to work on building fortresses and founding settlements throught the area. At a strategic point where three mighty rivers converged they planted the city of Abos (named from the root Raagean word meaning “Gate”) which placed control of virtually all of the region’s river trade under its control.

Raagean merchants where quick to follow the legions and move into the area. Eager to tap into the flow of wealth passing through the rivers, they invested heavily in the new settlements and extended the trade networks far beyond anything the old bandit kings could have ever imagined.

By the time Raagean rule over the area ended in -533 TR, the lines between the old bandit kingdoms had been blurred to such an extent that they no longer existed (excpt as administrative territories). Unlike many other provinces that reverted to the control of indigenous populations after the fall, the monarchy of Abosora can be traced backt ot he last Raagean governor.

In many ways, Abosoria is the hub of trade for the entire Eder Soult, especially in the winter months when the trade routes on the Aludian Ocean are literally shut down due to storms. Nothing moves up or down the Soult River and its countless tributaries without passing through the City of Abos. Deep navigable rivers and a network of well made roads connect Abos tot he realms of Krandaneer, Fangaerian City States, Meletian Kingdom, the Maur-Haud’Feem and Barcenora. Foreign merchants are resentful of the tariffs and fees trade barges must pay to pass through Abos but even so, the flow of ships lined up to be boarded by the city’s collectors never seems to end. More land is devoted to agriculture in Abosoria than in any other realmo f the Eder Soult. The fertile Soult River basin generally provides an adundant surplus of grains for export.

All of this has made the Abosoria a rich and prosperous kindgom that is the envy of her neighbors. Many foreigners hate the Abosorians because of their wealth. They see the kingdom as a parasite feeding on the labor of others — much like the three bandit kingdoms of old.

Abosoria’s prosperity has allowed it the luxury to devote resources to public works, education and the arts on a level not seen since the Raagean Empire was at its zenith of power over 500 years ago. Abos is famous for its universities and its well-known sages and philosophers (who claim all the great schools of though begin in Abos). Great teachers from all over the world have been lured to Abos because of its schools make the city a cultural center for the arts and sciences. The city is also home ot the Holy Order of Luvia, where knights of this deity are based.

If all seems like it is well in Abosoria it isn’t. The Kingdom has a myriad of pressing problems to contend with. The elves of the Sadok Forest have taken up arms to end timber harvesting on the fringes of their ever-shrinking realms. Timber barons, angered by the King’s reluctance to intervene with troops have hired mercenaries to push back the elves. The Maur-Haud’Feem (with whom the kingdom also has a border dispute) have been threatening to come to the aid of their brother elves. Meanwhile the King has kept a steady flow of diplomats racing back between the members of each party trying to keep the situation from erupting into a full-blown war.

Two of the more notable features of Abosora are the Dilsta Flats and the Grand Tarcham Swamp.

The Flats are an area just south of Brak Kor Lake formed by a natural depression spanning 50 miles by 25 miles. This unsettled region has also been the subject of rumors and local folklore dealing with unknown evil and mysterious monsters. Whether or not the stories are true, the rough terrain and lack of any known resources makes the area unsuitable for anything and it is generally avoided (perhaps adding to its mystique). The Grand Tarcham Swamp is an impediment of mires, sink holes and all manner of monsters. Legends speak of an ancient dead city at the heart of the swamp.

Type: Monarchy
Current Leader: Dasham Urriad III
Capital: Abos

Languages: Abosorian, Forcuran, Old Forcuran, Haagan


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