Tag: Lords of Havoc


  • Hamlet of Rabbadon

    The Hamlet of Rabbadon is the growing city that has started to spring up around the Castle that [[:darsch-schneider | Darsch Schneider]] built to consolidate and control his holdings. Currently it is little more than a Wild West style shanty town that …

  • Trog

    Raised as a slave warrior in a Grel raiding band, as a follower of Arnuya he entered service with a Cleric of her faith. He serves Aseer as her personal body guard & Man-At-Arms.

  • Aseer Relafyh

    Born to Hase and Exaharit Relafyh, Aseer was the oldest of six children. Her father was a very stern man whose job within the tribe was to train the Half-Orc slaves into Men-at-Arms to better serve the Grel. He often brought his work mentality home and …

  • Norkk

    Norkk is a native of the Kingdoms he fought in one of the innumerable wars against the Orcs and their goblin slaves. He marched in the Dwarven regulars where he earned his War Hero status serving in the shield wall brigade that was the Anvil in an ambush …

  • Chaka

    Chaka is is the parties map monkey complete with his own custom made monkey suite (and it's not the kind you wear to a nice dinner party).

  • Rabbadon

    Guraaagh! Rabbadon has decided to retire from a life of active adventuring to pursue his passion for tiny shoes. He has taken a post at [[:darsch-schneider | Darsch Schneider's]] castle as his head torturer and cobbler. Now he can have all to tiny …

  • Sir Harvey

    Harvey is [[:shoggoth-d-l-axes]] protegee and leader of his band of henchmen [[:the-knock-around-guys]].