Lords of Havoc

Vampire Orcs?
Shadow of the Nine Fingers
From the Journal of Aseer 6/26/12081

Upon our triumphant return to Purge Rabbadon started to act in an even more peculiar manner than normal. He started muttering of evil tidings and asked all manner of strange questions regarding his appearance in town. He has been looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes and has shown not the slightest interest in tiny shoes. A most strange turn of events given his normally violent and brutish nature. He starts and investigation that draws in the party and leads us to the Brotherhood of the Nine Fingers. It seems most if not all of them had been hanging around in town. Almost as if they had been awaiting our return. O well it matters not I leave to find my clan and continue my training. I am sure that matter will have sorted itself out by the time I return.

On the morning of the second day of my travels a messenger from the city arrives in my camp with a letter for me. I open the letter only to find myself in the Belled Race Track arena. We witnessed a gladiatorial fight here the day before. Some Jim the Giant. Everyone seemed to think he was Brother of the Nine Fingers. Rabbadon is in the middle of the arena facing off against much to all of our surprise another Rabbadon in fine Black scale armor. Maybe he wasn’t as crazy as he appeared the past few days.

A duel has been declared and accepted. It is only later after the dust settles and both Rabbadon’s as well as Darsch Schneider that Nega-Rabbadon a clone. The clone was created when Rabbadon lost a finger to a trap in the mines. An evil and insane wizard created the trap and put the NIne Fingers together with Nega-Rabbadon as their leader to create chaos and amuse himself. He might have made an interesting ally if he hadn’t misdirected his perfidy against us. Now he will have to die.

At least that solves the mystery of the Nine Fingers.

Final Level in the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre
From the Journal of Aseer 6/23/12081

After defeating the Drow in the statue room, we find our selves with one last door in the main room. Rabbadon then opens the door cautiously and finds a stair case leading to a lower story. The first room was large and filled with mushroom trees. The north passage lead down a hall way with a 2 headed Troll guarding a stone bridge. Rabbadon then starts yelling & threatening the troll, causing the troll to pause and have second thoughts. We then find the undead dwarf can speak his language and starts negotiation with the Troll. We come to terms with him that we give him the heard he is guarding and may stay with the bridge. As long as he serves when called upon.

After negations were concluded we went down the second door. This lead to a room with a lava stream in the corner and a chest in the south eastern corner. Rabbadon then walks up to open the chest. Then a large Magma elemental walks out of the lava and seems mighty protective of that chest. Norkk then hits the Elemental with a crossbow bolt. Darsch then attacks with a fireball doing nothing, then casts fist thunder causing him great pain. Rabidon then hits the Elemental though it seemed to annoy it. Shaggoth then crits the Elemental and killing it out right. Rabbdaon then unlocks the chest finding a sword, a brooch, and a bunch of coins. We finally uncovered everything in this mine and now must see to our holdings.

We make our way back to the Town of Purge to sell our swag, train and start on the building process of our holdings.

Still there are many loose threads to attend to; what of the Nine Fingers & our soldiers? For now I think I will content myself with a bath.

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Sublevel 3 Part 3
From the Journal of Aseer 6/23/12081

After resting over night, Rabbadon and Norkk went to the next room and found it locked and trapped. Rabbadon unlocked it but however failed to remember it was trapped and set it off causing great pain to both. After the fiery explosion we noticed a clear creature carrying a battle axe & a long sword. It gave a very evil laugh that sounded sublime. So Darsch walked in and smacked it with some Magic Missiles. Shaggoth then ran up and hit the creature with Righty and Lefty killing it. Upon further inspection it was a quivering Disemboweler.

After looting the room we found 3 secret doors. One at the end of the hall lead to a Store room that had enough supplies for 20 people for a month. Inside the room we found 3 more secret doors.

The one on the south wall leads to a room that the Drow used to enter the mine. I dispelled the magic keeping the entrance open causing the entire room to collapse.

Rabbadon unlocks the other secret door on the north wall of the store room. Here we find the the armory for the Drow, it will be a great pay out.

The room connecting to the armory was filled with statues and Drow. The Drow opened up on Norkk and hit him once with a crossbow and stabbed. Darsch then hurls a fireball into the room causing the Drow to feel crispy killing one. Shaggoth then runs up and hits a Drow. Norkk then tries to trip a Drow but misses. Then a Drow hits Shaggoth in the forearm for a critical hit and caused him great pain. Then Norkk was hit twice by the Drow. Rabbadon then hits a Drow with his mace. Trog runs up an hits a Drou with a battle axe and kills him. Norkk then hits a Drow with a sword. Shaggoth then hits a Drow and kills it. Trog then hits the Drow to is right and kills it. Norkk the misses. Rabbadon then hits the Drow to his right and kills the last Drow. Then we find that it has no loot, worthless.

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Sublevel 3 Part 2
From the Journal of Aseer 6/22/12081

We move on to the next room after deciding not to follow the Drow down the secret hallway. Moving on to the next room Rabbadon thinks he finds a trap on the door and in an attempt to remove the trap he instead locks the unlocked door. Norkk then tries to unlock the door however he jams the lock. This leads to Rabbadon to smash it in with his mace of Badassdom and charge into the room, while Norkk climbs up the wall. They run into large Red Snakes in front a large bon fire.

Norkk misses shooting one of the Red snakes, then Rabbadon hits one with his mace and deals it some head splitting damage. Darsch misses with a fireball which always seems to be bad. Rabbadon gets bitten by a Red Snake if a retaliatory strike and it seemed to affacted his strength. Shoggoth then explodes a Red Snake with his mighty battle axe RIGTHY! Then Shaggoth hits another Red Snake with Lefty. Shaggoth then hits the same Red Snake with Righty killing it. Darsch then hits the Red Snake and Rabbadon with a fireball doing nothing to the Snake but cause some damage to Rab. Trog then runs up and smacks the Red Snake with his battle axe and then smacks him again with his other battle axe killing the last snake. Taking pity on my fellow party member I graciously deign to heal Rabbadon of all his wounds and burns, however I still can’t do anything for that face of his. And I doubt that even the gods have magic strong enough to fix it.

After stripping the room of the valuables we continued down the hallway it makes a sharp turn and we find another door.

However it seems to be some kind barracks with five man Drow party getting ready for a patrol. Rabbidon charges in bellowing a war cry and Maces the closest Drow on top of his shoulder, making it look like something out of a meat grinder but seems to stay up. Norkk then crossbows an unsuspecting Drow in the thigh causing him to go prone and nearly keeping him pinned to the ground. Darsch of course fireballs into the room killing the Drou that was nearly pinned to the floor. Trog then hit the Drow with a fucked up shoulder killing it. Darsch misses his fireball causing two fireballs to be roaming the room! Trog then runs up and smacks a Drow twice but fails to drop him. Rabbadon then hits the Drow Shaggoth was working on. Then Shaggoth hits the same Drow and puts it out of his misery. Trog then cleaves the Drow killing him out right. Darsch finally hits the Drow with a fireball and melts all the flesh from his bones. We decide to secure all the doors and spend the night in the barracks to regain our strength.

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Sublevel 3 Part 1

After Finding a undead 4000 year old dwarf to join our cause of removing the drow from this mine. What caused some surprise is the joining of Munchy the Mimic into the Lords of Havoc. He will be a great addition to our group.

After meeting these new group we went into the next room and came across a mummy and 4 large spiders. After killing everything in the room we move into the next room. There Rabbidon was taunted by a voice telling him he could not open the door. Rabbidon of course tears the door off its hinges. Rabbidon and Norkk ran into the room and found nothing. However Shaggoth went nutty and screamed “DIE DOPPELGANGER!!” and attacked Darsh. Luckily missing both times.

Darsh then runs into the room and fires a fireball into the back of the room. Before I could figure the damage, Shaggoth insulted my religion, my mother, and Trogs Goat. I must seek revenge against my Honor. I yell for Trog and Axrir to kill him to avenge my Honor. But before I can move in, Rabbidon yell “YULE EASF TIFF MAS!!” and attacks Shagoth. Then I moved in and missed with my holy spear. Then Norkk charged passed me and then said something about his stupid Ration. Then the sneaky dishonorable Dwarf shoots and crits me in the hip with that crossbow of his. Then Trog tackles the deceitful Dwarf, though I will have to punish him for not turning that sorry excuse of a war hero into past.

Norkk then gets untangled from Trog and crickets around him. Rabbidon then clocks Shaggoth with the mace he was criticized for. Shaggoth still wanting to dishonor me hits me with Righty! THAT HURT! But luckily he missed with lefty. Trog and Axrir then both Jump back ontop of Norkk and pinned him to the ground. Darsh then cast some kind of sonic attack in the room. Then there was a loud explosion from the room, then I no longer felt that Shagoth has dishonor me. It seems that what ever was affecting us was killed by Darsh. After claiming our treasure we find a secret door.

Norkk then opens the door and Rabbidon and Norkk get hit by crossbow bolts. Rabbidon after taking those hits decides its a great time for a nap. After making sure he is indeed asleep and not dead I notice the two Drow with crossbows on the other side of the door. Norkk then fires his crossbow into the first Drow and dealing it a respectable amount of damage. Trogg then hits a Drow but find a hole bunch of Drow in the wall. Then the Drow take off down the hallway in opposite directions. Then the undead dwarf raises the Drow into a zombie. I will have to deal with this sooner then later.

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Floor Three Sublevel 2

The Lords of Havoc start the exploration of sub level 2 the first room contains six subterranean lizards which the party stomps a mud hole in.

Then they find a room with fire bats, they decide to leave them alone as it’s a new source of bat guano.

The next room they find contains a rust monster that some one appears to be keeping as a pet. In addition to rust monster they find several bell type cat toys and a large collection of gems that the rust monster played with.

Next they find a large modified cavern that is home to a small Myconid kingdom. These mushroom people are master brewers of potions. They have a small selection available for sale and the party buys several.

There is also a twenty foot by twenty foot double door made of adamantite and covered in arcane runes.

The party decides to rest up and regain their strength before they enter the room. Upon examining the door they determine that it is magically sealed to keep something in. The entrance to this room opens onto a landing and a balcony half way up the South wall. The ceiling rises up 24 feet from the floor. The floor is some kind of transparent medium and there is a river of lava that runs thru the room. The water fall from the first level ends here as it falls into the river of molten rock making the room unbearably hot and humid. On the north wall opposite the balcony on a stone dais sits a throne made of Obsidian. Steated upon the throne is an Efreeti wearing a Platinum Crown set with a large diamond.

The party advances and are set upon by a medium and a Huge fire elemental. An epic battle ensues. The party defeats the fire elementals and Darsh kills the Efreeti with fire.

Return to the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Part 2

Into the Mine!

going down the hall to the left of the minitor room, Rabbidon found a poison trap and disarmed it. In the following room we come across two shadowy foes.

Shagoth then attacks the scarecrow and crits in the top of the shoulder for 48 damage taking its arm off, causing the scarecrow to fail its T.O.P.
Shagoth hits the scarecrow for 12 more damage and killing it.
Norkk then trys to shoot the other scarecrow but misses.
Darsh then trys to shoot the same scarecrow but misses.
Rabbidon then runs up and hits the scarecrow for 13 points of damage
Trogg then rus up and cleaves into the scarecrow for 23 points of damage
Shagoth then hits the scarecrow for 15 points of damage
Darsh then trys to shoot the scarecrow but nearly hits Shagoth
Shagoth then hits the scarecrow for 19 points of damage and kills it.

Nothing good to loot from the scarecrows, but is that really a suprise? No, no its not.

We continued down the hall and found ourselves in a large room with serpentine’s!! WE prepare ourselves!!

Shagoth then runs up and crits the Serpentine in the face dealing 68 damage and splatering it across the stone work.
Norkk then shoots and hits a Serpentine for 20 damage! It then fails its T.O.P. and falls over.
Darsh then shoots the Serpentine that faild his T.O.P. however being over confident and misses the creature.
A Serpentine then bites Rabbidon causing 2 points of damage and causing him to fall unconcious.
Trogg then hits the Serpentine for 21 damage.
Axrir goes forward and hits a Serpentine for 10 damage and kills the creature
Shagoth then hits the Serpentine for 17 damage.
Trogg then hit a Serpentine for 16 damage and kills it.
Shagoth then hits the Serpentine for 13 damage and kills the last one

I am able to get 8 viles of Serpentine in my water skin.
I was able to tell that Rabbidon has 2-12 hours to live from the posion.
Darsh and Norkk went to find herbs that can cure the poison. I dont think this will work so I will prepare for the best. However Norkk was able to find the right herbs to heal Rabbidon. Which was too bad, I haven’t raised anything undead in some time and getting ansy. We decided to spend the night at camp.

At first light and after a small service for Arnuya and then headed off back into the dungeon.

We find an open room half finish.
Here Darsh took a hit from a falling rock from the roof.
Norkk then gets hit with two falling rocks from the roof.
Rabbidon then gets hit as well from falling rocks.
I then take a hit from a falling rock and now I’m thinking somthing is up! HA! get it!
I then notice that its not stalagtits but Piercers! This is when I yell out what I found and inform Darsh to fireball the roof!
Darsh then fireballs the roof and does 19 damage on the first hit and 28 damage and kills all the Piercers.

Return to the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre

After the tournament Shoggoth goes to collect on his Havoc Loans. All of the loans are paid back plus 10% courtesy of Brotherhood of the Nine Fingers. The party starts an investigation. eta of names, but 5 of them for sure.

Veteran troops granted to Darsh will arrive in 2 weeks.

Mine Entrance
We enter a room with no exits. However upon closer inspection we find 4 secret doors. 3 lead to staircases that leads down. 4th door leads to a hall way that stretches farther than we can find. We decided to follow the hallway.

When searching the rooms from the hallway we run across a mini Shaggoth and of course have to destroy the thing.

Darsh throws a sidewinder fireball at the mini Shoggoth and does 28 damage on the first hit and 26 damage on the second hit. This also kills it leaving behind a slug like creature with tentacles. Could not determinate what it was due to it being too burnt.

Then we checked out the room across the hall and ran into a Minaitor. Like everything else in this world we must kill.
Darsh then dirty fights with his crossbow criting the monster in shoulder doing 17 damage.
Rabbidon runs up and hits for 20 damage
Trog also moves forward and hits for 15 damage
Shagoth then charges the minotaur for 13 damage and its still damage.
Shagoth then hits for 17 damage killing the Minitor.
The creature was carring 100 platnum and had 4000 silver, 1000 electrum. We then cut off the horns and take out his heart.

Tournament of Champions 12081

The Lords of Havoc arrive at the Tournament of Champions to participate in the games. Harvey and Trog enter the Joust. Norkk enters all of the Archery contests as well as several of the foot lists including the Grand Melee he also has an interest in the horse races. Shoggoth D.L. Axes enters the foot lists including the Grand Melee. Rabbadon enters the foot lists including the Grand Melee.

This years foot lists have been very popular as the Lords of Havoc have been busy sweeping the competition; in fact the only true competition has been amongst themselves. With Harvey wining the Joust, Norkk making a great showing in the Archery contest and even distinguishing himself in the long bow contest despite taking second place. The Havoc has certainly been brought to this years Grand Tournament.

Tournament Winners
The Joust: Harvey
Long bow: Ignus
Short bow: The Peasant Archer
Heavy Crossbow: Norkk
Light Crossbow: Norkk

Foot Lists
Zwie-Hander: Shoggoth
Battle Axe: Shoggoth
Battle Axe & Shield: Shoggoth
Two-Weapon Style: Shoggoth
Sword & Shield: Shoggoth
Mace & Shield: Rabbadon
Grand Melee: Rabbadon

The awards are handed out.
Darsh is granted the Marquees title & control of the lands surrounding the Caverns of Quasqueton.


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