Lords of Havoc

Drider Room
From the Journal of Aseer 5/3/12081
Rabbidon kicks in the door and inside the room is an alter Candelabras a Drider and his four spider minions. Darsch opens the combat with a magic missile of skewering doing 17 damage to the first spider, 17 damage to the next, 6 damage to the drider.

The Drider castes a spell that the party is not able to identify. Trogg runs and hits for 17 damage to the spider. Trogg hits the spider for 12 damage to the spider. Shaggoth hits a spider for 13 damage.

Rabbidon attacks a spider and hits for 13 damage.

Shaggoth crits the spider for 5 damage to knock it unconscious, then cleaves the next spider in half for 32.

Everybody dies.

Darsch comes back from the dead and crits for 34 fireball damage to the Drider. Shaggoth misses the Drider twice, he seems to still be recovering from death. Shaggoth then gets hits by the Drider’s spell and takes 4 damage.

Norkk realizes he is not a statue and moves through the shadows to perform a cricket in the pea pod on the Drider. He then backstabs the Drider twice for 35 damage obliterating it. Trogg hits the same spider for 14 damage killing it. Trogg then hits another spider for 12 damage. Rabbidon then misses spider. Trogg then gets tiered of this shit and slaughters the last spider.

Rabbidon pisses on the alter in the room well I decide that if he is pissing on any sacred alter it better be blessed. Norkk then was able to find loot in the locked chest in the corner. After getting stuck in the Drider’s web. He is freed by Shoggoth.

Moedrigus Moundre Level 2 Part 3
From the Journal of Aseer 5/3/12081
From the room of the Marble Muggers there is one exit to the East. Rabbadon leading the party finds a magical trap, after failing to disarm the trap Norkk decided to set it off with his face. A lightning bolt then springs forth and shocked everyone but the skeletons.

Going into the next room we ran into some hooked horrors.

Norkk then whips out his Crossbow of Ouch and Crits a Hook Horror for 12 points of damage. Darsh hits two of them with a fireball, doing 13 damage to both. Shoggoth D.L. Axes hits and deals 16 damage killing the monster. Shoggoth gets hit but the mighty field plate griven to him by his father Black Black holds true and he takes no damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile doing 15 damage. Trog hits for 19 damage and kills the hooked horror. Shoggoth crit fumbles but lucks out & recovers with no ill effects, then turns around and does a crit for 26 damage cleaving the foot from a Hook Horror. Rabbadon throws a metal ball and does 8 damage. Shoggoth hits for 13 damage and kills the horror who’s foot he severed earlier. Shoggoth hits for 11 damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile for 14 and kills the monster.

Thus ends the fight.

Aseer Relafyh heals Darsch for 6 health.

We find a tunnel to the North and move to investigate. Our entry into the room disturbs Indigo ambushers & a fight erupts.

Shoggoth forgot he had to move and gave Norkk a buzz cut. Norkk not distracted by his hair cut hits a indigo for 23 damage. Darsch hits with a magic missile for 22 damage and kills the indigo. Rabbadon swings his mace & hits for 12 damage to the unlucky ambusher. Shoggoth then yelles at Norkk for not reminding him to movin. Trog then crit fumbles he recovers with no ill effects. Then two of the three skeletons hit for 1 damage each. Go team skeleton!!! Trog then hits for 15 damage with his battle axe. Darsch hits for 17 and kills the indigo. Trog hits for 14 damage and kills the last one. Thus is the fate of the Indigo Ambushers sealed.

As we explore the room Norkk finds a secret door on the West wall in the mid point of the room. We also find a 30’ tunnel that exits the top end of the West wall and ends at a locked door. Rabbadon picks the lock and Kicks in the Door.

To be continued…

Moedrigus Moundre Level 2 Part 2

Here in the party finishes the exploration of the first cavern of the second level.

After the spider ambush the party walks off the area of the cavern carefully. They find a tunnel leading off to the West and one to the South. The cavern is roughly 150’ at its widest and irregularly shaped. It also contains the water fall and the fancy double stone doors to the North. The decision is made to head to the South tunnel.

A short 15’ passage separates the cavern from an irregularly shaped but finished room that contains a Drow raiding party. As they can see the party before they are seen surprise is gained. They quickly open up on the party with cross bows & while they inflict very little damage they do manage to knock Darsch Schneider unconscious with the poisoned bolts. After a non effective second volley of bolts the combat switches to melee. The melee portion of the fight decidedly favors our “Heros” the Lords of Havoc and they make short work of the Drow raiders while Darsch is getting his beauty sleep. After looting the bodies Aseer Relafyh raises the 5 Drow as skeleton minions. The group pulls back to the cavern of the falls and waits for Darsch to regain consciousness.

After that they head back South. If the room they find another tunnel to the West and one that runs East.

They decide to head East into a 20’ wide 50’ long hallway. The hallway opens up into a 40’ wide room that runs 10’ South from the tunnel and 110’ feet to the North. In this room they are attacked by 5 Marble Muggers that step out of the walls. They quickly defeat all but one that runs thru a wall and escapes.

Thus ends this entry.

Moedrigus Moundre Level 2

After clearing and exploring all of the first level of the mine. The party decides to return the Camp of The Exquisite Samurai Tailor. They return to the mine and use the Dwarven Mining lift to travel down to the second level of the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre. The lift descends down for a few minutes and deposits them in a natural cave. The water fall from the room above continues down from above and falls thru another hole in the floor this room is also much warmer than a cavern this deep should be. The Lords of Havoc find themselves exploring the cavern. To the North is a 20’ wide passage that ends in a set of double stone doors. As the party “trap bait” I mean thieves are examining the doors the party is set upon by three huge spiders.

The fight ensues and Shoggoth D.L. Axes gets in the first swing & does 14 damage. Darsh attacks with Magic Missile and does 10 and 14. Spider attacks and hits Darsh for 4 damage and 1 poison. Trogg hits spider for 19 damage. Trogg hits spider again for 18 and kills it. Shagoth hits and does 13. Darsh hits for 13. Norkk swings & misses. Trogg hits for 17 and kills a spider. Shagoth hits for 12 points of damage. Shaggoth hits again for 15 damage. Rabbidon hits for 14 damage and kills it. Rabbidon crit fumbles and hits Norkk for 19 damage. Shagoth hits for 24 and kills it.

Moedrigus Moundre Part 3

The Lords of Havoc continue their exploration of the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre. After exploring the smelting room they back track and try the Western tunnel after triangle room. After a long narrow hallway they reach a reinforced stone door set into a reinforced stone wall. The wall bears an inscription in Dwarven " Any thief that should attempt entry to this vault shall face a painful and violent end."

Rabbadon determines that door is trapped and attempts to disarm it. He fails in his attempt and loses another finger from his left hand. The finger can not be found. After the trap has been set off Rabbadon gets the door open. Within is found four stacks of iron ingots, each stack is 10’ wide by 10’ long by four feet high. Each ingot is 6" by 6" by .5" and weighs 5 lbs.

After the Iron Vault they search the East passage that branches off the tunnel leading North from the triangle room. It is a narrow twisting hallway. It leads to a natural un-worked cavern. As they set out to explore this cave they are set upon by more Ribsplitters. The party alert and prepared for surprises makes short work of them.

As the sounds of battle die off they hear the sound of running water coming from the North. As they travel North to investigate the sound they see sunlight spilling in from a hole in the roof of the next cavern as well as a raging waterfall that drops thru another hole in the floor.

Jaundiced Grappler was encountered in the Cavern with the water fall. It was floating over the Dwarven mining lift. It made the mistake of trying to intimidate the party and was basicly wasted with his cross bow by Norkk. The rest of the party helped a little as well.

Cave Gougers where encountered in a small cave branching off of a tunnel between the cavern of the falls and the unworked mine cave.

Moedrigus Moundre Part 2

After the ribsplitters and the Anemones the party decides to retire to the safety of the Samurai’s camp. This allows them to rest recuperate and gather their strength for another foray into the Moedrigus Moundre.

The party makes their way North out of the mine entrance into a triangular shaped room. This room is reached true a short tunnel from the Mine Proper. The tunnel and walls of this room are worked stone and have been finished and reinforced in the Dwarven style. The construction appears to be very old.

The tracks continue into this room and end abruptly about 20 feet in with the track appearing twisted and melted. A toppled mining cart lies 10 feet beyond the damage track.

In the triangle room the party encounters a flail snail, Aseer spots the snail’s iridescent shell gleaming just beyond the toppled mining cart. As see moves up to investigate Trog moves up with her and spots the threat in time to react.

Trog call out a warning and the fight begins. Darsch attacks and misses.
Rabbadon pulls out one of his iron throwing balls, scoring a hit and doing 12 damage. Trog crits the snail twice doing 24 damage with the first and does 30 damage and killing it.

The party continues to move North, the cart track continues down this tunnel. As they proceed down the tunnel they find two smaller side passages one to the East the other to the West. They would involve traveling down a cramped corridor so they decide to continue North. The tunnel finally opens into a large room full of smelting and forging equipment.

This room is inhabited by a Lime Green Quivering Mass, it does not get the drop on the party (damn elven hearing) a fight ensues. Rabbadon hits the Quivering Mass and his Footman’s Mace does nothing. Darsch hits with Magic Missile for 25 points of damage. Trog hits and does 14 damage. Aseer moves up. Norkk sneaks up behind it. Shoggoth hits and kills the Lime Green Quivering Mass.

Back In Purge

Arriving back in Purge after their ill fated expedition. The Lords of Havoc proceed to train up after dividing up their new found riches. They pay off Lord Belled and give the letter they where supposed to return to Nicodemus The Advisor. He agrees to look favorably on their future endeavors. He also lets them know that he might contact them again in the future.

Caravan Attacked
Grel, Caravan, Raid

This is the day that the Caravan is attacked by Aseer’s Grel Clan. They get a little over zealous with their arrows and strike a few of the party members; but the party decided that it would just help sell their story better when they get to town. Aseer get her revenge on the Caravan trail boss. Rabbadon has some fun with one of the slaves after he is frustrated by not being able to join in the battle for the caravan.

At a signal from Darsch Schneider a unit of 10 well groomed goblins wearing jade green silk robes, Samurai style banded mail with great helms made up to look like snarling worgs. They are armed with Katana’s & Daikyu.

From the Journal of Aseer 1/4/12081
So today my brethren showed up and in there haste hit a few of us with some of their arrows, other than that the raid went off with out any complications. Finding out the caravan leader survived I was able to take my revenge for his constant mockery. I neither made it fast nor painless as I watched him gurgle for breath thru the wound I gave him in his neck. Of course following my lead Rabidon purchased a slave and toyed with him until bored. Then the slave had no more worries.
Arrival at the Capital
From the Journal of Aseer 27/3/12081
We arrived in town with out much complications. Although the city guard made us put stupid covers on our weapons. We were able to find the "Gnome" we were told to retire. Seems that he was a retired adventurer so it might be a little tougher than we though. I was able to get some help from Norkk's more under handed friends. We ten sold all our wears in town and made a tidy little profit. After that we waited until the last day to take care of the "Gnome". With Norkk covering his room from the roof across the ally, we climbed to the roof and entered from the door. Found that the door was magically trapped. Trogg volunteered to kick in the door. Which promptly exploded in his face. Prepared for that Shoggoth made it all the way to the gnomes room. We followed behind as fast as we could. After a short scuffle the gnome and his delicious Pixie Fairy where finished off. We then took a few moments to help our self to a few choice items before we torched the building. Then Norkk's friends were able to sneak us out of town.
Onward To the Capital
From the Journal of Aseer 25/3/12081
During our travels toward the capital we were attacked by a wayward Wyvern. Poor thing didn't even have a chance to land when Darsh's fireball cut the legs out from under him. With it on the ground Shoggoth was quick to finish it off However it seems that both the party and the caravan did not like me bringing it back from the dead. But I care not for their complaints.
From the Journal of Aseer 26/3/12081
Thinking that the Wyvern was the last of our problems. This turned out to be false. We were attacked by owl bears. This was going to be tricky as we were attacked by six owl bears. Where they came from I have no idea. Darsh once again let loose the fireballs and did some great damage. Shoggoth was again on the enemy like stink on a monkey carving up everything in sight with his Axes Left and Right. Norkk who seems to be very good with a crossbow, was able to drop an owl bear with well placed bolts. Trogg, well Trogg was there. Rabidon was able to hold two off me by himself. I was able to finally cause nice, delicious wounds to the creatures.

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