Lords of Havoc

Second Day in Arz

For the second day they group is in the City of Arz they find some quite ingenious ways of entertaining themselves.

Darsh continues to search for things best known only to Wizards. As such he finds the Wizards Bazaar outside of town.

Norkk tries to pick some pockets at the festival and runs into some trouble with the city guard. He spends the night in the drunk tank and makes some new friends in the local thieves guild.

Shoggoth continues his loan sharking and is able to collect on some of his debts as well as recruit a few new people for the Lords of Havoc army.

Rabbadon uses the distraction provided by Norkk to kidnapp a female gnome child from the festival and takes her to Aseer mayhem ensues.

From the Journal of Aseer 16/11/12081
On the Second day Rabbadon shows up with a gnome girl, a little beat up buy alive surprisingly. It turns out that the child is from a well known family. One of the Shoggoth's henchmen recognized the girl which forced my hand. I took her in and healed her. I was able to convince her we found her wandering the streets. Thanks to Trog we were able to get the girl back to her parents and the father pointed us in the direction of one of the Items from the list given to us by Laurent The Money Changer.
Arrival in Arz

In which the Lords of Havoc triumphantly enter the city of Arz. The caravan is very happy with the party since they where instrumental in driving off the Mangy War Dawgs. The traders are spending two days in town conducting business after that they will be moving on to Ruhrz and finally Fangaerie.

Norkk continues his gambling financed by Darsch. Shoggoth continues his loan sharking. Aseer Relafyh & Trog start performing services for the church; kicked off by the ritual sacrifice of a gnome.

From the Journal of Aseer 16/10/12081
The caravan arrived at the city of Arz. In the first day Shagoth conned 8 people into loans they can't ever pay. Which is fine, shice I get to talk to these people. Rabidon & Norkk mugged a drunken Elf and got 183 gold. Trog did good and brought me a gnome and sacrifice it to the God Arnuya. After the sacrifice I tended to the Flock of the area. They were able to give 54 silver to the church. I then held a feast for all the family's that can not feed themselves.
The Caravan Sets Out

The party gears up to start the Trade Caravan route to Fangaerie the capital of the Fangaerian City States. They are acting as caravan guards as a cover for their real mission of delivering a message for Nicodemus The Advisor. Norrk returns during they time they are getting ready to leave, he has concluded the business for the guild.

After everything gets packed up they head off to Farzy, along the way Norkk and Rabbadon start gambling with the guards to try to get a feel for the security of the rest of the caravan. The get some information they botch their opportunity when they start betting to rich for the guards.

Once they reach Farzy they spend a day in town while the trader’s do business. The party elects to check out the local watering holes and spend some time gambling. Shoggoth D.L. Axes starts a new venture as a short term loan specialist. Not sure where that is going but he certainly doesn’t need to hire leg breakers.

After leaving Farzy they have a 3 day trip to Arz. On the second day they are attacked by the Mangy War Dawgs a band of Orc brigands. After Darsch Schneider & Shoggoth soundly defeat the leader in the first round of combat and the losing orcs fight a strategic withdrawal.

After the fight Darsch has Aseer stabilize the Mangy War Dawgs leader to hand over to his “friends” for “reeducation”.

Fancy Dress Party

Here in the party is informed that Norkk is being called away on guild business. He has however found the party a replacement thief. The replacement recommended by Norkk is Rabbadon a half-orc thief.

From the Journal of Aseer 16/3/12081
Today was an interesting day. On the way back from my studies, I ran into Norkk outside of town. He informed me that he had been called away on guild work and has brought a replacemnt. His replacement Rabbadon is a shrewd half-orc that seams to work hard at making nothing stick to him. After meeting the new theif, we where invited to a fancy dinner party by Lord Belled. Curious that I was invited as well
Mean while in Purge

The party returns to Purge to train for their next level and unload the loot that they pulled from the Citadel. They now have to decide what to do next. They start by fencing the loot and making a deal with Mage Bradley to give them a discount on identifying items for first right of refusal if the party sells them.

During this time the Lords of Havoc also update their adventuring charter.

Additionally they where approached by Laurent The Money Changer with the claim that the Adventuring company Lords of Havoc owes him a debt of 10,000 gold pieces.

The party also receives an invite to a party hosted by Lord Belled who has a visitor that he wants to introduce the party too.

The Caverns Part II

The Lords of Havoc continue to explore the caverns below the keep. They defeat a gelatinous cube and find the lair of the troglodytes and a secret entrance to the keep. They also find the treasure stash and the Muck golem guardian. There in they find 10 treasure chests most of them being trapped and Norkk really earns his pay that day.

End of the First Floor

In this session the party leaves the Keeps Chapel. Upon exiting the doors they run into a group of 10 rats foraging for food. In the ensuing fight Norkk kills one rat and takes a critical hit to the top shoulder and drops his left hand weapon. Snider kills three rats with a fireball. Trog kills one of the rats and Shoggoth finishes off the last three.

The party decides to finish exploring the South West quadrant of the first floor, they find the library, what used to be a garden that has been overgrown with giant mushrooms. Norkk eats a couple of mushrooms. He finds some really good ones and a few bad ones. While he is vomiting after a bad mushroom he is attached by an insidious stalker that the party promptly slays.

This completes the exploration of the First Floor.

Return to the Dungeon

In this session the party decides they need a map monkey so they go to the Torchbearer’s Union and hire Chaka as the party’s map monkey. The think it would be funny to dress him in a monkey suit so they hire a halfling and have monkey suit commissioned for him in town. With that completed they set out once again for the dungeon.

On they way they run into a small band of the hated Gnome Titans, 6 of them are traveling cross country much as they are but in opposite direction. As they spot each other they start to exchange greetings when the party thief sticks his boot in his mouth by yelling “Give us all of your stuff!” says Norkk. They reply by unleashing 4 heavy crossbow bolts in his direction he is hit by two of them one resulting in a crit. After that the battle ensues, in the swirling melee that results they take out the two spell casters one Cleric of Pangrus & the Gnomes battle mage. They also take out 2 of the four fighters one of them charges Darsch Schneider they then engage in a wuss slapping contest that the Gnome wins 2-4. They take out the 3 gnome guards and rush to help Schneider just as he loses a fire ball at the Gnome and misses. They mange to subdue him after that. They continue their journey before finding a nice spot to “question” their captive. They don’t get much useful from him other than they where escorting two members of House Indigo on their way to an undisclosed location.

The party makes it back to dungeon. They start at the foyer and head east finding Zelligar’s room and end up having all sorts of fun with the closet door. In the closet they find Zelligar’s familiar a homonculous named Mr. Pleasington. After that they back track to the barracks and find the Armory they find four locked chests one of which contains 5 suits of various armor in good repair.

After the armory they back track thru the barracks and check the door in the hall they have not explored yet. This is the room of pools. One of the pools contains Kromian Ale; Norkk downs 5 mugs of the stuff and promptly passes out. On the look out for slimes they go around poking each of the pools with an extra spear. When they find a pool with a green slime in it they are ready. Trog gets a good swing in and crits the slime completely taking it out. Due to the party thief being passed out completely wasted they decide to error on the side of caution and hole up in the barracks.

Exploration Begins

The Lords of Havoc make their discovery of Q on the 4th day of Haar’Kiev 12,081. They begin the exploration with the front door a bold choice. There they find the key to the front door under the welcome mat (now wasn’t that thoughtful). They enter the premises and immediately spot some secret doors in the main hall thanks to the perceptiveness of their Dwarven thief Norkk. After discovering the remnants of a viscous and bloody battle in the main foyer the party decides to follow the Eastern corridor and they explore what they believe to be the majority of the South Eastern quadrant of the strong hold known as Quasqueton. In this session they find Melanee’s room, Rogahn’s room, Erig’s room, Marevak’s room as well as the throne room, the dinning room and the lounge. In the lounge the thief has a close encounter with a mineral mimic. They also discover the lair of a trash troll that had moved into the fortress. They also had a battle with a dire cockroach as well as two jaculi. The final encounter of the session was in the barracks where they battled 12 orcs. They decided to make camp in this room for the night. Upon breaking camp the next morning they head back to town to train and level up.

Welcome to Purge

Our second session brings our intrepid band of adventurers to the City of Purge. There they set about trading they jewels arms and armor they acquired from the Gnoll raiding party. They also manage to identify the potions they found. They use these funds to equip, provision and make ready to head out to explore Rogahn & Zelligar’s mysterious fortress. During these preparations they decide to have an initial adventuring company document drafted so they contract the services of Flyn, Hollister and Hollister. They start with a basic charter and decide to adopt a more specific version at a later date. They then start off for their expedition.


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