Jim the Giant

Half-Oger Berserker


Sex: Male Race: Half-Oger Class: Berserker 7 Adventuring Company: Brotherhood of the Nine Fingers

Strength: 18:96 (20:96)[22:96]
Dexterity: 17:51
Constitution: 20:22
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 8
Comeliness: 10
Honor: 80

Skills Languages
Weather Sense 88% Talents
Armor Maintenance +1 Attack and Damage Two-handed Sword
Weapon Maintenance Dense Skin
Mortal Combat 98% Tough Hide
Muster Resolve 95% Damage Bonus:Two-handed Sword
Two-handed Sword
Advanced two-weapon fighting
Short Sword
Quick Draw Two-handed sword

Oath Breaker (Huge) Two-Handed Sword
Field Plate
Fine Blue Silk Outfit
Wyvern Skin Boots
Short Sword


Jim the Giant

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