Lords of Havoc

Shadow of the Nine Fingers

From the Journal of Aseer 6/26/12081

Upon our triumphant return to Purge Rabbadon started to act in an even more peculiar manner than normal. He started muttering of evil tidings and asked all manner of strange questions regarding his appearance in town. He has been looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes and has shown not the slightest interest in tiny shoes. A most strange turn of events given his normally violent and brutish nature. He starts and investigation that draws in the party and leads us to the Brotherhood of the Nine Fingers. It seems most if not all of them had been hanging around in town. Almost as if they had been awaiting our return. O well it matters not I leave to find my clan and continue my training. I am sure that matter will have sorted itself out by the time I return.

On the morning of the second day of my travels a messenger from the city arrives in my camp with a letter for me. I open the letter only to find myself in the Belled Race Track arena. We witnessed a gladiatorial fight here the day before. Some Jim the Giant. Everyone seemed to think he was Brother of the Nine Fingers. Rabbadon is in the middle of the arena facing off against much to all of our surprise another Rabbadon in fine Black scale armor. Maybe he wasn’t as crazy as he appeared the past few days.

A duel has been declared and accepted. It is only later after the dust settles and both Rabbadon’s as well as Darsch Schneider that Nega-Rabbadon a clone. The clone was created when Rabbadon lost a finger to a trap in the mines. An evil and insane wizard created the trap and put the NIne Fingers together with Nega-Rabbadon as their leader to create chaos and amuse himself. He might have made an interesting ally if he hadn’t misdirected his perfidy against us. Now he will have to die.

At least that solves the mystery of the Nine Fingers.



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