Lords of Havoc

Second Day in Arz

For the second day they group is in the City of Arz they find some quite ingenious ways of entertaining themselves.

Darsh continues to search for things best known only to Wizards. As such he finds the Wizards Bazaar outside of town.

Norkk tries to pick some pockets at the festival and runs into some trouble with the city guard. He spends the night in the drunk tank and makes some new friends in the local thieves guild.

Shoggoth continues his loan sharking and is able to collect on some of his debts as well as recruit a few new people for the Lords of Havoc army.

Rabbadon uses the distraction provided by Norkk to kidnapp a female gnome child from the festival and takes her to Aseer mayhem ensues.

From the Journal of Aseer 16/11/12081
On the Second day Rabbadon shows up with a gnome girl, a little beat up buy alive surprisingly. It turns out that the child is from a well known family. One of the Shoggoth's henchmen recognized the girl which forced my hand. I took her in and healed her. I was able to convince her we found her wandering the streets. Thanks to Trog we were able to get the girl back to her parents and the father pointed us in the direction of one of the Items from the list given to us by Laurent The Money Changer.



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