Lords of Havoc

Moedrigus Moundre Part 2

After the ribsplitters and the Anemones the party decides to retire to the safety of the Samurai’s camp. This allows them to rest recuperate and gather their strength for another foray into the Moedrigus Moundre.

The party makes their way North out of the mine entrance into a triangular shaped room. This room is reached true a short tunnel from the Mine Proper. The tunnel and walls of this room are worked stone and have been finished and reinforced in the Dwarven style. The construction appears to be very old.

The tracks continue into this room and end abruptly about 20 feet in with the track appearing twisted and melted. A toppled mining cart lies 10 feet beyond the damage track.

In the triangle room the party encounters a flail snail, Aseer spots the snail’s iridescent shell gleaming just beyond the toppled mining cart. As see moves up to investigate Trog moves up with her and spots the threat in time to react.

Trog call out a warning and the fight begins. Darsch attacks and misses.
Rabbadon pulls out one of his iron throwing balls, scoring a hit and doing 12 damage. Trog crits the snail twice doing 24 damage with the first and does 30 damage and killing it.

The party continues to move North, the cart track continues down this tunnel. As they proceed down the tunnel they find two smaller side passages one to the East the other to the West. They would involve traveling down a cramped corridor so they decide to continue North. The tunnel finally opens into a large room full of smelting and forging equipment.

This room is inhabited by a Lime Green Quivering Mass, it does not get the drop on the party (damn elven hearing) a fight ensues. Rabbadon hits the Quivering Mass and his Footman’s Mace does nothing. Darsch hits with Magic Missile for 25 points of damage. Trog hits and does 14 damage. Aseer moves up. Norkk sneaks up behind it. Shoggoth hits and kills the Lime Green Quivering Mass.



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