Lords of Havoc

Moedrigus Moundre Level 2 Part 2

Here in the party finishes the exploration of the first cavern of the second level.

After the spider ambush the party walks off the area of the cavern carefully. They find a tunnel leading off to the West and one to the South. The cavern is roughly 150’ at its widest and irregularly shaped. It also contains the water fall and the fancy double stone doors to the North. The decision is made to head to the South tunnel.

A short 15’ passage separates the cavern from an irregularly shaped but finished room that contains a Drow raiding party. As they can see the party before they are seen surprise is gained. They quickly open up on the party with cross bows & while they inflict very little damage they do manage to knock Darsch Schneider unconscious with the poisoned bolts. After a non effective second volley of bolts the combat switches to melee. The melee portion of the fight decidedly favors our “Heros” the Lords of Havoc and they make short work of the Drow raiders while Darsch is getting his beauty sleep. After looting the bodies Aseer Relafyh raises the 5 Drow as skeleton minions. The group pulls back to the cavern of the falls and waits for Darsch to regain consciousness.

After that they head back South. If the room they find another tunnel to the West and one that runs East.

They decide to head East into a 20’ wide 50’ long hallway. The hallway opens up into a 40’ wide room that runs 10’ South from the tunnel and 110’ feet to the North. In this room they are attacked by 5 Marble Muggers that step out of the walls. They quickly defeat all but one that runs thru a wall and escapes.

Thus ends this entry.



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