Lords of Havoc

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Sublevel 3 Part 3

From the Journal of Aseer 6/23/12081

After resting over night, Rabbadon and Norkk went to the next room and found it locked and trapped. Rabbadon unlocked it but however failed to remember it was trapped and set it off causing great pain to both. After the fiery explosion we noticed a clear creature carrying a battle axe & a long sword. It gave a very evil laugh that sounded sublime. So Darsch walked in and smacked it with some Magic Missiles. Shaggoth then ran up and hit the creature with Righty and Lefty killing it. Upon further inspection it was a quivering Disemboweler.

After looting the room we found 3 secret doors. One at the end of the hall lead to a Store room that had enough supplies for 20 people for a month. Inside the room we found 3 more secret doors.

The one on the south wall leads to a room that the Drow used to enter the mine. I dispelled the magic keeping the entrance open causing the entire room to collapse.

Rabbadon unlocks the other secret door on the north wall of the store room. Here we find the the armory for the Drow, it will be a great pay out.

The room connecting to the armory was filled with statues and Drow. The Drow opened up on Norkk and hit him once with a crossbow and stabbed. Darsch then hurls a fireball into the room causing the Drow to feel crispy killing one. Shaggoth then runs up and hits a Drow. Norkk then tries to trip a Drow but misses. Then a Drow hits Shaggoth in the forearm for a critical hit and caused him great pain. Then Norkk was hit twice by the Drow. Rabbadon then hits a Drow with his mace. Trog runs up an hits a Drou with a battle axe and kills him. Norkk then hits a Drow with a sword. Shaggoth then hits a Drow and kills it. Trog then hits the Drow to is right and kills it. Norkk the misses. Rabbadon then hits the Drow to his right and kills the last Drow. Then we find that it has no loot, worthless.



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