Lords of Havoc

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Sublevel 3 Part 1

After Finding a undead 4000 year old dwarf to join our cause of removing the drow from this mine. What caused some surprise is the joining of Munchy the Mimic into the Lords of Havoc. He will be a great addition to our group.

After meeting these new group we went into the next room and came across a mummy and 4 large spiders. After killing everything in the room we move into the next room. There Rabbidon was taunted by a voice telling him he could not open the door. Rabbidon of course tears the door off its hinges. Rabbidon and Norkk ran into the room and found nothing. However Shaggoth went nutty and screamed “DIE DOPPELGANGER!!” and attacked Darsh. Luckily missing both times.

Darsh then runs into the room and fires a fireball into the back of the room. Before I could figure the damage, Shaggoth insulted my religion, my mother, and Trogs Goat. I must seek revenge against my Honor. I yell for Trog and Axrir to kill him to avenge my Honor. But before I can move in, Rabbidon yell “YULE EASF TIFF MAS!!” and attacks Shagoth. Then I moved in and missed with my holy spear. Then Norkk charged passed me and then said something about his stupid Ration. Then the sneaky dishonorable Dwarf shoots and crits me in the hip with that crossbow of his. Then Trog tackles the deceitful Dwarf, though I will have to punish him for not turning that sorry excuse of a war hero into past.

Norkk then gets untangled from Trog and crickets around him. Rabbidon then clocks Shaggoth with the mace he was criticized for. Shaggoth still wanting to dishonor me hits me with Righty! THAT HURT! But luckily he missed with lefty. Trog and Axrir then both Jump back ontop of Norkk and pinned him to the ground. Darsh then cast some kind of sonic attack in the room. Then there was a loud explosion from the room, then I no longer felt that Shagoth has dishonor me. It seems that what ever was affecting us was killed by Darsh. After claiming our treasure we find a secret door.

Norkk then opens the door and Rabbidon and Norkk get hit by crossbow bolts. Rabbidon after taking those hits decides its a great time for a nap. After making sure he is indeed asleep and not dead I notice the two Drow with crossbows on the other side of the door. Norkk then fires his crossbow into the first Drow and dealing it a respectable amount of damage. Trogg then hits a Drow but find a hole bunch of Drow in the wall. Then the Drow take off down the hallway in opposite directions. Then the undead dwarf raises the Drow into a zombie. I will have to deal with this sooner then later.



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