Lords of Havoc

Mines of Moedrigus Moundre Floor Three Sublevel 2

The Lords of Havoc start the exploration of sub level 2 the first room contains six subterranean lizards which the party stomps a mud hole in.

Then they find a room with fire bats, they decide to leave them alone as it’s a new source of bat guano.

The next room they find contains a rust monster that some one appears to be keeping as a pet. In addition to rust monster they find several bell type cat toys and a large collection of gems that the rust monster played with.

Next they find a large modified cavern that is home to a small Myconid kingdom. These mushroom people are master brewers of potions. They have a small selection available for sale and the party buys several.

There is also a twenty foot by twenty foot double door made of adamantite and covered in arcane runes.

The party decides to rest up and regain their strength before they enter the room. Upon examining the door they determine that it is magically sealed to keep something in. The entrance to this room opens onto a landing and a balcony half way up the South wall. The ceiling rises up 24 feet from the floor. The floor is some kind of transparent medium and there is a river of lava that runs thru the room. The water fall from the first level ends here as it falls into the river of molten rock making the room unbearably hot and humid. On the north wall opposite the balcony on a stone dais sits a throne made of Obsidian. Steated upon the throne is an Efreeti wearing a Platinum Crown set with a large diamond.

The party advances and are set upon by a medium and a Huge fire elemental. An epic battle ensues. The party defeats the fire elementals and Darsh kills the Efreeti with fire.



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