Lords of Havoc

Seeking Frost Scale

The Lords of Havoc at the request of Darsch Schneider have taken on the task of Slaying a very old White Dragon named Frost Scale. He resides in the mountains West of Purge. At the base of the mountain there is a Clan of Dwarves and their fortified strong hold.

There is also a clan of Frost Giants that live on the middle slopes of the mountain. They are constantly raiding and fighting with the Dwarves. They don’t bother Frost Scale much mostly because to draw his ire would be most fatal for the entire clan.

The party paid a visit to the Dwarves and negotiated a trade agreement. They then set out to find Frost Scales lair. On the way an encounter with frost giants occurs. Norkk tries to negotiate as they have a dwarf from the mountain clan all trussed up & lying on the ground between them. The giants are engaging in a rather loud argument. Norkk offers them a drink. In ends up being a vial of giant scorpion venom. The male giant of the pair drinks it with no ill effects. The giants are however offended by the poison and attack. The ensuing battle leaves the giants defeated and the Lords of Havoc as rescuers of the Dwarven scout.

As they are working thru the loot they discover a scroll, Darsch Schneider reads the scroll to identify it and disappear with a slight popping sound.



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