Lords of Havoc

Frolicking in the Woods

The party decides to split up to attend to various items of Business. Darsch decides to stay in Purge to try to arrange a meeting with Brock.

The rest of the Lords of Havoc make a b-line for the Hamlet of Rabbadon to try to resolve Shoggoth’s issue with the Laughing Coffin. On their way back to Rabbadon they pick up a tail in the form of a large black dog. They decide not to take any risks and Norkk scores a clean hit in the animals shoulder leaving it to run away with it’s tail tucked.

Upon arriving in Rabbadon they are greeted by Sir Harvey and an armed escort. Sir Harvey has the misfortune of being the bearer of bad news. They have lost 10 men to something prowling the woods.

The party asks for their best tracker. While they are assembling to head into the words Norkk goes to the local butcher and asks for a suit of “meat armor”. The butcher hesitates but a moment and asks for 20 gold pieces as he busies himself with attaching steaks and other cuts of meat to Norkk’s armor. Norkk pays his 30 gold and asks him to “Make it Spicy!” So the butcher rubs chilies and other spices on the meat.

As Norkk meets up with the party he finds Ignus the Archer chatting with Aseer Relafyh and Shoggoth. Norkk starts to work himself up into a rant but Ignus’s flattery and Shoggoth’s interest in his meat armor distract him. Shoggoth asks for the party to wait while he goes to get his own suit of meat armor.




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