Lords of Havoc

Final Level in the Mines of Moedrigus Moundre

From the Journal of Aseer 6/23/12081

After defeating the Drow in the statue room, we find our selves with one last door in the main room. Rabbadon then opens the door cautiously and finds a stair case leading to a lower story. The first room was large and filled with mushroom trees. The north passage lead down a hall way with a 2 headed Troll guarding a stone bridge. Rabbadon then starts yelling & threatening the troll, causing the troll to pause and have second thoughts. We then find the undead dwarf can speak his language and starts negotiation with the Troll. We come to terms with him that we give him the heard he is guarding and may stay with the bridge. As long as he serves when called upon.

After negations were concluded we went down the second door. This lead to a room with a lava stream in the corner and a chest in the south eastern corner. Rabbadon then walks up to open the chest. Then a large Magma elemental walks out of the lava and seems mighty protective of that chest. Norkk then hits the Elemental with a crossbow bolt. Darsch then attacks with a fireball doing nothing, then casts fist thunder causing him great pain. Rabidon then hits the Elemental though it seemed to annoy it. Shaggoth then crits the Elemental and killing it out right. Rabbdaon then unlocks the chest finding a sword, a brooch, and a bunch of coins. We finally uncovered everything in this mine and now must see to our holdings.

We make our way back to the Town of Purge to sell our swag, train and start on the building process of our holdings.

Still there are many loose threads to attend to; what of the Nine Fingers & our soldiers? For now I think I will content myself with a bath.



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