Lords of Havoc

Battling Frost Scale

Just after Darsch is sent back to Purge by the cursed scroll he finds himself standing next to Shoggoth. Darsch tells Shoggoth to saddle up they are going to meet the rest of the party to slay a dragon. They head over to Bradley’s Wizardly Wares so that they can send messages to their compatriots. The first message goes to Norkk to inform him that he is in charge until they catch up and that they should make camp near the dragons lair.

The second message goes to Rabbadon in the form of a sending spell it states simple that “We are watching you.” As Rabbadon feels the magic of the spell borrowing into his ear he slips into a fit of rage targeted at the Dwarven scout they rescued from the frost giants.

A fight ensues between Rabbadon and Norkk who is trying to calm Rabbadon down. After the first time Rabbadon connects with his mace The Exquisite Samurai Tailor steps in to preserve the life of the scout. Since the last command of her lord Darsch Schneider was that he was to live. A melee commences that culminates in the death of the Samurai Tailor and the scout escaping. Rabbadon’s blood lust sated for the moment he stalks off to make camp.

The next time that Krom & the Howling Worgs check in they find their General deceased. They make camp and place The Exquisite Samurai Tailor under an Honor Guard they allow no one near her. Not even the cleric.

Aseer entertains herself studying the corpses of the Frost Giants. Everyone else cautiously awaits the arrival of Darsch and Shoggoth.

Once Darsch and Shoggoth arrive to find camp in a state of high tensions. The Howling Worgs have established an armed camp and are letting no one approach. They seem ready to find any excuse to murder Rabbadon. After everyone calms down and the body of The Exquisite Samurai Tailor is sent to get resurrected they move the party on to fight Frost Scale.

Finally arriving at their original destination. The Lords of Havoc are ready to get down to business. The party rogues spot an alarm spell guarding the entrance to the dragons lair. Norkk uses his ring of stone passage he is able to scout out the lair and finds some secret tunnels that Frost Scale no longer fits into. Using that information they stage their assault. Every thing goes according to plan until Darsch loses the first barrage of spells. As they connect the Frost Scale opens his great reptilian eyes and they glint with a animal fury. Frost Scale growls and the entire area fills with thick roiling fog. Shoggoth charges in and ends up nose to nose with the great beast so he gouges him in the eyes. The roars of pain allow the party to zero in on Frost Scale in the fog. A titanic battle ensues with spells, weapons, claws and dragon breath flying. It would have been a sight to see except that the fog caused it to be an indirectly lite and eerily quite altercation. At the end of the encounter Frost Scale lay vanquished and the Lord of Havoc are once more victorious.

There are several questions put to Darsch Schneider as to his motives for helping another Wizard acquire a dragon corpse. Though any further questions and protests die on their lips as the fog finally parts to revel the treasure hoard in all it scintillating glory.

Frost Scales Treasure Hoard

24,268 Platinum Pieces

10 Very Small Perfect Jet
10 Small Flawed Turquoise
10 Very Large Near-perfect Lapis Lazuli
10 Huge Sardonyx with minor inclusions
10 Very Large Sapphire
10 Flawed Star Rose Quartz
10 Small Near-perfect Tiger Eye
10 Very Small Star Rose Quartz
10 Small Jet
10 Small Hematite
4 Opal

4 Potions

Bolt Case
Dwarven Hand Axe
Great Helm
Leather Armor

4 Scrolls

Gentleman’s Cane Made of maple w/ a Brass gauntlet in a closed fist noble heraldry
Wool tapestry of a windmill
Cherry wood table with six chairs, worn, from a noble house
Silver Tea Set
4’ by 4’ Picture of ducks flying over a river Illusionary Animated with sound
Wooden Comb set with pearls
Ceramic Jars set of five blue
Gold and Ruby Ring
Silver Cat Shaped Brooch w/ Emerald Eyes
Crystal Decanter & 4 Snifters
Copper Ewer depicting Stags
Statue of a dog carved from Jade 3’ tall
6 person dinner set fine china white w/ blue floral pattern
6 person silver wear set made of gold for a noble table
6 Crystal Goblets
20 Dwarven Iron Drinking Tankards
Ebony and Ivory Cigar box w/ 15 halfling Cognac cigars
6 bottles Red Wine 500 years Old



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