Lords of Havoc

Arrival at the Capital


From the Journal of Aseer 27/3/12081
We arrived in town with out much complications. Although the city guard made us put stupid covers on our weapons. We were able to find the "Gnome" we were told to retire. Seems that he was a retired adventurer so it might be a little tougher than we though. I was able to get some help from Norkk's more under handed friends. We ten sold all our wears in town and made a tidy little profit. After that we waited until the last day to take care of the "Gnome". With Norkk covering his room from the roof across the ally, we climbed to the roof and entered from the door. Found that the door was magically trapped. Trogg volunteered to kick in the door. Which promptly exploded in his face. Prepared for that Shoggoth made it all the way to the gnomes room. We followed behind as fast as we could. After a short scuffle the gnome and his delicious Pixie Fairy where finished off. We then took a few moments to help our self to a few choice items before we torched the building. Then Norkk's friends were able to sneak us out of town.



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