Lords of Havoc

A Dinner interupted

Six months have passed since the Lords did battle with Frost Scale and defeated him. They took some time to consolidate their holdings and divide the spoils. For a time the party scattered to the wind to settle personal matters before they got back to the business of adventuring.

This particular evening Aseer, Darsch & Shoggoth as well as Aseer’s ever present bodyguard Trog are enjoying a meal at the White Dragon Tavern. The White Dragon is the newest and at this time the only restaurant in the town that has grown up around the Fortress of Havoc. As the keep and town have grown so quickly the town does not even have a name yet.

The proprietor came from Purge to open the Tavern out side of the keep of the favored sons of Purge. He is treating the Lords to an extravagant meal in the hopes of impressing his heroes. He even has the roast pheasant stuffed with garlic & cloves that Aseer requests. Shoggoth works his way thru a cow, a pig, a turkey, a few chickens and more wine that is probably healthy to consume.

As the party discuses business and the state of Havoc loans. Talk turns to Sir Harvey and his campaign to discredit and disrupt the actives of Laurent The Money Changer.

Aseer and Shoggoth notice something amiss with the wait staff. As Aseer requests one of the waiters for dessert which greatly flusters the owner and head cook; things start to go awry. Aseer leads the waiter to the back and while trying to disrobe him casts hold person, the first spell he resists. The second he does not.

Once Aseer leaves the room and Trog sits down to start enjoying his meal two cross bow bolts find their marks in the flesh of Darsch & Shoggoth. Both manage to resist the effects of the poison lacing the bolts. A fight ensues with the other two waiters as the fourth runs screaming in terror. Trog races to check on Aseer and Shoggoth and Darsch fell one of the would be assassins. Aseer has Trog hog tie the one she captured. The third assassin manages to escape the party.

The captured assassin uses a poison capsule to commit suicide. How ever Aseer is able to bring him back so that he can be questioned vigorously in a dank dungeon cell.

After they learn nothing from him they allow him to die and use speak with the dead to question him and the other assassin. Both are hung from the bridge to discourage future attacks.

The find out that Laurent finance the new Tavern and apparently hired assassins from the Laughing Coffin guild. The Laughing Coffin’s are based out of Fangarie. The tavern owner had no idea that he was party to the assassination plot.

It appears that they have finally made the money lender desperate enough to move against them. Only time will tell how the war will end.



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